About Us

Started by two brothers, Stickyboard is a social enterprise dedicated to bringing people together.

Stickyboard Story

Our Story

In 2010 we set out to help people connect with their community. We wanted to create a single space where people could discover what was going on around them and start to feel part of their neighbourhoods. So we left our jobs to build the 21st Century's Village Noticeboard.

Starting from a bedroom we built a noticeboard for our local area, then we expanded it across London, and now we cover all 1.67 million UK postcodes with over 250,000 local items and partnerships with organisations up and down the country.

Having completed our development in 2014 we opened up our enterprise to community ownership expanding our network of supporters across the country. Looking ahead we continue to work with people in the UK and abroad to build stronger communities.

The Team

Thomas Sweetman


Thomas Sweetman

As co-founder and Managing Director Thomas has taken Stickyboard from conception to UK wide operation as a self sustaining social enterprise. He is passionate about the power of social enterprise and technology to deliver positive change.

James Sweetman

Operations & Creative

James Sweetman

The creative talent behind Stickyboard, James has managed development of Stickyboard's brand, platform and partnership delivery.

James is a keen designer, sportsman and expert in social media.

Uday Hurdowar


Uday Hurdowar

Uday has worked with businesses both in the UK and abroad for over twenty years. With a keen eye for the details Uday has helped to manage Stickyboard's financial development and continues to work with the team on a number of projects.

Sascha Peter


Sascha Peter

Sascha is the technical genius behind Stickyboard. An experienced software developer he specialises in Linux, Python and to his own horror is now an expert on UK postcodes.

He is a regular blogger and a big supporter of the open source community.

Our Supporters

Stickyboard is run by and for the community. In 2014 we opened our enterprise up to community ownership raising over £50,000 from 59 backers. Together with our team we are fortunate in having this fantastic network of supporters who make this all possible. To find out more check out our some of our news articles or visit our old crowdfunding page.

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